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I’m listening to POCO’S first album…and trying to figure out what magic shall pour from my mind to make this latest blog entry that is supposed to be about sports an amazing piece. As I write this, it has dawned on me that sports is more than what happens on the diamond, gridiron, hardwood and ice. It’s also about the fans who live and die with their beloved team of choice.   That feeling that you are an extension of what’s going on, that in some way you can help your team win even just sitting in your hundred dollar seat. That’s what those kids at the Minnesota – Maryland game felt tonight. The Gophers, who came into the game losers of thirteen straight stunned the Terps and the fans rushed the court in glee to celebrate the win. I truly miss those experiences as most of my fav teams have not had a court storm moment in some time except for the Kings…But you can’t storm the ice, maybe you can but I’ve never seen it done.

All of this leads me to my next thought that the big money teams have to start treating their fans better. NO more personal seat licenses, no more price gouging of seat prices and merchandise that every fan craves. How about a loyalty program? Rewards long time ticket holders with deals on merch and other items, maybe a group dinner with the team perhaps. That’s all I have tonight folks and I will be writing soon as Spring Training is upon us.

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