Take my Corgi, Please!

Well it’s that time of year already…Time for the Westminster Dog Show. My dog Linus used to watch the show with me but not anymore as he says “I liked it before it became a scene…And the Toy Group, they think they run the damn thing.” Linus always has been one to cut right to the chase. It’s amazing that they hold the event for two nights at Madison Square Garden as opposed to a parking lot of a White Castle which I am sure is where they hold the pageant for the also-rans. The doggie handlers always scare me as so many are out of shape yet there they are wind-sprinting with the terrier du-jour. Some of those “puppy pilots” are so close to keeling over after the initial presentation you’d swear they have Bolognese sauce running through their haggard veins. Plus, what’s with the groin check always for the boy dogs? That seems unfair. I feel bad for the boys, I mean having your apricots groped once in a while is one thing but you should have seen the look on the face of the German Shepard. This judge was handling his junk like they were a pair of Chinese stress balls. You just know that Shepard was muttering under his breath “Hey cool it on the nuts already”.

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