Great Scott!

No not really…As most of you know I am a dyed in the wool Lakers fan and I try to support always instead of complaining, but enough is enough. This team has a REALLY good young tandem in DeAngelo Russell and Julius Randle. They should get the bulk of the minutes but Scott does not like giving too many minutes to young players. It’s not like Byron is a bad coach, I just think he’s overmatched in this situation. It’s a team in transition that’s not officially rebuilding but kind of is.  The Lakers just don’t want to acknowledge the fact that they are in a rebuild.  It wasn’t that long ago that Scott took the New Jersey Nets to the NBA Finals.  But let the record show that the players acknowledged the fact that Jason Kidd was basically in charge.

That leads me to my next point…The Lakers need to think outside the box and either hire Luke Walton when his deal is up or hire someone from college, no NBA re-treads like the soon to fired George Karl. Now there is a rumor that Phil Jackson may come back in some capacity. Perhaps as a GM or Team President position could really help.

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