Sports and Music

As I’m writing this new blog entry, CREAM is playing in the background and my back is not in the best shape today.   I think I have become a true sports writer now as most of the ones I know have some sort of ailment and most listen to “classic rock.”

I envision a great team like a great band, with basketball being the closest thing to great Jazz or Rock when a game of hoops is played with precision on both sides of the floor. The Warriors are like CREAM or Jimi and the Experience. Steph is very much a Hendrix with the ball, a combination of polished unpredictability and fiery genius.  Klay Thompson and the rest of the crew are like Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell, their jobs being to match wits with the torrid pace and movements of a true master of their art.

While the Warriors are like a hard charging Power Trio (Hence the Cream and Jimi Hendrix comparison), the Spurs of San Antonio remind me of the Allman Brothers in their ability to play at any pace and completely change the dynamic of their play on the fly just like The Brothers. That has always amazed me about the Spurs. One minute they crank out the hoops version of “One way out” when they are running and gunning, then they slow things down to a “Melissa” pace to work the clock and get a high percentage bucket. Can you dig it? YES I CAN!

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