Great Shooters

As I’m writing this entry which will focus on GREAT SHOOTERS of the NBA the Allman Brothers Fillmore East Sessions play in the background which in my opinion could be the greatest muse for an aspiring blogger such as myself. Although, I do suspect a change to the great Junior Wells tomorrow.

Tonight in the NBA Steph Curry sank SEVEN three pointers in the first quarter alone against the Wizards. Some in the media have already crowned him as the greatest pure shooter in the history of the league. Is Curry great? OF COURSE! But the greatest of all time? I think not. He can just go to dinner at his dad’s house and see a contender for all-time best pure shooter…HIS DAD! Dell Curry was an almost mythical long distance bomber in college at Virginia Tech and during his long career in the NBA. The last few decades produced a host of three point snipers such as Craig Hodges, Dale Ellis, and Trent Tucker.  Plus, has everybody forgotten about Larry Bird and Reggie Miller?

But the greatest shooter of all time was a guy few remember or ever got to see play. I’m going to age myself here but I remember watching and loving the great ABA that ruled pro basketball in my opinion in the late 60’s to the mid to late seventies. The days of the red, white, and blue ball plus fights breaking out all the time on court. This particular player was a Kentucky legend who played for Adolph Rupp, and his name was Louie Dampier. Louie was in range the moment he stepped foot in the parking lot. He also went on to play nine years with the Kentucky Colonels and three in the NBA with the Spurs after the merger. He made exactly 794 three’s in the ABA for about a 39% clip. Maybe not earth shattering numbers but most of those attempts were from close to 30 feet from the rim. Did I mention Louie is also a Hall of Famer?

In closing Steph Curry hit 11 triples tonight tying a career high, so maybe he is the greatest ever as he seems to do this point on a nightly basis, but brother it sure was fun watching Louie Dampier pull from three point country.  Special thanks to the great Junior Wells who helped me to up my game tonight. Sleep tight L.A. and I’ll see you tomorrow…

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