True Grit

It is amazing how different a QBs career path can be with Peyton Manning getting ready to ride off into a beautiful sunset (trust me this is his last game) and Johnny Manziel about to be released by the Cleveland Browns. Why does one get one more start in the Super Bowl and the other gets the proverbial pink slip? I think Media Day at the Bowl answers all of those questions.  Peyton talked about all of the extra work he puts in and his responsibility to his teammates and the organization, while I’m sure Johnny Football’s extra work consists of ordering one more Hurricane that’s not to say Johnny can’t be a leader, but it has not shown. This is about the greatness of Manning though and why this will be his last game.  Think about it-he owns all of the major QB records plus he already has one Super Bowl ring on his hands. His body and his weakening arm has one more masterpiece left in it and Super Bowl 50 will be it. He’s been a success story in Denver unlike the disaster an aging Johnny Unitas and a beat up Joe Namath endured in the twilight of their careers.  If you look up Unitas with the Chargers and Namath with the Rams on YouTube, you will see what I mean. Other than his major neck surgery and his recent foot troubles Manning has had pretty good health during his almost twenty years in the NFL, which is another reason he has a chance to go out on top.  If you add in the right game plan, the Golden ring is there for the taking for Manning and Denver. Cam Newton will have more super bowls in his future but this one belongs to Peyton.

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